Houses in the "Tennengau"

Prähausen-Austragshäusl / The Retired Prähausen Farmer's House

Puch bei Hallein, beginning of the 19th century

The Prähausen house contains all the necessary living and storage rooms for a retired farmer. In summer, the cooking was done on the open fireplace in the foyer and in winter, in the living area, which then became a living/kitchen area.


Sillbauernhaus / Sill Farm

Adnet / Waidach, 1862

The “Tennengauer single-building farm” is a variation of a Flachgau single-building farm, adapted to this mountainous area. The stable area is attached to the living area, the loft and the hayloft. The paving used throughout the house, the door frames and window sills are made of Adnet marble, which many farmers extracted from their own quarries.


Kellbauern-Getreidekasten / Kellbauern Farm Granary

Kuchl / Kellau, 1788

Detached granaries were a fixed part of each farm in Tennengau. Harvest and seeding grain were among the most precious belongings of a farmer and therefore stored safely outside the wooden house, which was constantly in danger of fire. Today we use the ground floor of the two storey block granary for an exhibition of Salzburg fences.



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